Yuuki Ichimaru
Ichimaru Yuuki.PNG
一丸 友貴
Ichimaru Yuuki
Age ?
Birthday ?
Gender Male
Relatives Board Director (Grandfather)
Ryusei Ichimaru (Father)
Manga Debut Chapter 280
Last Dance (1)

Yuuki Ichimaru (一丸 友貴, Ichimaru Yuuki) is Ryusei Ichimaru's son.


Yuuki Ichimaru became a hikikomori due to bullying problems back in middle school.[1] Despite his true gender being a girl, he feels he is a man in a girl's body due to gender identity disorder. The true reason he became a hikikimori is because all his friends left him, and he became tired to try to get people to understand him. As a result, he wanted to be alone and never speaks a word because of his cute voice.[2]


Yuuki Ichimaru is a young teenager with an ahoge sticking out from the top of his head.


Yuuki Ichimaru is a hikikomori, a shut in, due to bullying problems back in middle school.


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