Yukino Hirai
Yukino Hirai.png
平井 雪乃
Hirai Yukino
Birthday September 25
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 162 cm.
Weight 48 kg.
Hair Dark brown
Manga Debut Chapter 42
Switch Off, Part 1
Anime Debut Episode 24
Seiyū Mayuki Makiguchi

Yukino Hirai (平井 雪乃 Hirai Yukino) is a character in the Sket Dance Series.


Yukino has long black hair and slender face.


At first, Yukino seems like a normal girl, but the fact is she is a spiteful girl who will hurt others including her best friend.


Back in middle school, Yukino stabbed her classmate due to her very paranoid and emotional personality. At Graduation day, she admits to Shinji Mikami that she has a crush on him.

At High School, Yukino broke up with Shinji because Shinji admits to her that he has a crush on Sawa Yamauchi. Days Pass, Shinji keeps following Sawa making her think Shinji is a stalker of Sawa. At the end, she killed Masafumi Usui due to frustration.

Major Story Arcs

None, Yukino appears only in a flashback arc called Switch Off.


  • Knife


Sawa Yamauchi

They are friends until Yukino murders Masafumi Usui.


  • The name Yukino means "snow" (雪) (yuki) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Yukino's surname Hirai means "flat" (平) (hira) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • Censorship: In the anime version, the violence is toned down from its manga counterpart.
    • In the manga, Masafumi Usui is stabbed in the chest while
    • In the anime, Masafumi is stabbed in the back.
      • The anime scene is not seen up close like its manga counterpart.
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