Your Wish is My Command, Master

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Kanji なんでもやりまっせご主人様
Romaji Nandemo yarimasse goshujin-sama
Air Date March 22, 2012
Manga Chapters 94 & 101
Opening Message
Ending Party! Hallelujah!

Your Wish is My Command, Master (なんでもやりまっせご主人様, Nandemo yarimasse goshujin-sama) is the 50th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Himeko can bend her hands back at the wrist, leading Bossun to give it a try - so Himeko helps him out. Of course, her "help" results in his arm in a cast. As compensation, Himeko is charged with acting the part of Bossun's maid until his arm heals.

Later, Jin shows up again to try and get a better idea of Himeko and Bossun's relationship. He observes them throughout the day, growing increasingly frustrated as he compares their interactions to those of a married couple, then to those of a "first love" scenario, and so on. Switch ends up having to explain the extent to which he and Himeko are grateful to Bossun, and Jin states that even if he has no chance, he still won't give up.


1st Story: Your Wish is My Command, Master

Hime shows she can bend her hand backwards and when Bossun thinks it's nothing, Hime tries to help him. Then, Bossun falls over and breaks his hand. Later, Bossun whines to Switch about Hime hurts him and such. When Hime says she will do anything, Bossun makes her sign a contract to be his servant. Bossun makes Hime say "As you wish, master" against her will. He requests Switch to bring that outfit, the maid costume. Moments later, Hime is seen reading Bossun's manga out loud which Bossun stops her. Bossun yells out he is hungry, and Hime feeds him. Yet, she could not stuff the food down Bossun's throat. After he yells at her, he tells her that he is thirsty. Hime helps Bossun drink the cola until it overflow. He thinks of something to make Hime embarrassed. Bossun takes Hime for a walk down the hallway and to Chiaki's softball practice. Chiaki tries to ask Hime who does not respond. He asks Hime for marshmallows only to get choke. After Bossun and Hime left, Switch explains to Chiaki about the situation. He states that Hime is having fun. Suddenly, a soft ball is about to hit Hime. Bossun blocks it and asks Hime if she is okay. As Bossun laughs, his cast becomes undone. Hime unwraps Bossun's cast and finds out the truth. Bossun makes up some excuse, but Hime beats him up.

2nd Story: Look Over Here a Moment

Jin begs Hime to wear a maid costume as he follows Hime. He thinks she's going out with Bossun. When Hime tries to shut him up, Bossun walks towards them like a robot. She asks to draw eyes on Bossun, and Jin gets suspicious. Bossun asks Jin if he want to come, and Jin tells them that he is going to observe them. During Jin's observation, Hime talks to Bossun about various things and asks him if he wants a cushion that she made. Jin yells out if they are an old married couple. When Jin insists that Bossun and Hime are a couple, Bossun decides he will not talk to Hime anymore. Later, Switch asks Bossun and Hime to help him make a birdhouse for the biology club. During the request, Bossun helps out Hime saw a board. Moments later, Bossun cuts his finger, and Hime tosses him a band-aid. The two get into an argument when Bossun brings the fact that Hime gave milk to an abandoned dog by the river. Suddenly, Jin yells out and goes on a rant about Hime and Bossun's flaws. When things settle down, Switch explains that Bossun and Hime's relationship is a "bond." He states that Hime becomes attached to Bossun because Bossun helped her in the past. On the following day, Jin observes Hime and Bossun acting like a mother and son.


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Cast & Credits

Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita

Chiaki Takahashi: Satomi Satō
Jin Kakiuchi: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Softball Club Members: Ayari Fukamachi

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Hime shoves food onto Bossun's cheek. Compared to the anime, she attempts to shove a big chunk of food into Bossun's mouth
  • In the manga, Hime wears only maid hairdress. Whereas in the anime, she wears a full maid costume.