Your Wish is My Command, Master

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Kanji なんでもやりまっせご主人様
Romaji Nandemo yarimasse goshujin-sama
Volume Volume 11
Anime Episode 50
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Mitsuru Jōgasaki, Chiaki Takahashi


When Himeko shows off that she can bend her hands backwards, Bossun tries to do the same to prove to Himeko that this is not a special ability. Himeko tries to help Bossun, but Bossun ends up spraining his hand. Bossun makes Himeko sign a contract to serve as his maid until he recovers. Throughout the day, Himeko messes her orders making Bossun mad. She gets payback at Bossun when she finds out that Bossun's hand is not even injured.

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