You Watched It, Didn't You

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Kanji 見たのね
Romaji Mita no ne
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 10
Switch, Bossun, Himeko, Ayumi Kuramoto, Kaoru Yagi, Yoshimura,


The Sket Dan, Ayumi, and Yoshimura gather to watch the video. What scrolls across the screen is a series of math questions, which Yoshimura quickly exclaims are from the upcoming midterms. They immediately suspect that Yagi is cheating, and Switch reveals that she is rumored to have cheated in her freshman year as well. Ayumi then recalls having seen Yagi hide the DVD while she was passing by the media room.

Yagi comes back in to discover that the group has watched the DVD. Though Yoshimura agrees to overlook her transgression, Yagi runs off. On the roof, she is hit by memories of the accusations from freshman year, when no one would believe her no matter what she said. The Sket Dan find her there and confront her about hiding the truth. Yagi tells them that she found the DVD by accident and put it away immediately to prevent others from seeing it. She then received a threatening note telling her that even if she told the truth, no one would believe her - playing on her insecurities from freshman year.

Bossun then tells her that if they catch the culprit, Yagi should smile for them, and puts on his goggles.

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