You Mustn't Watch It

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Kanji 見てはいけない
Romaji Mite wa ikenai
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 10
Yoshimura, Kaoru Yagi, Ayumi Kuramoto, Switch, Bossun, Himeko, Reiko Yūki


Midterm tests are coming up, and a teacher confronts Yagi for being unusually inattentive. He then talks to her friend Ayumi, who decides to try and cheer her up.

The Sket Dan, meanwhile, are making videos using Switch's new video camera. Switch tells them about a rumor going around about a cursed DVD. Ayumi comes in to request that the Sket Dan help her cheer up Yagi. The group puts on a comedy act with afros, but get no reaction. Bossun mentions the cursed DVD, startling Yagi. She leaves quickly, but bumps into Switch and spills the contents of her bag, which contains a DVD. She quickly takes it and leaves, telling the Sket Dan that the DVD should never be watched.

Switch then realizes that the DVD Yagi took was their self-created film drama while the one he is holding is the "cursed" one.