You Can't Change Fate

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Kanji ウンは天にあり
Romaji Un wa ten ni ari
Volume 13
Anime 69
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Dante


Bossun has to go to the bathroom very badly, but somehow everything seems to be conspiring against him. First the boys' toilets are all occupied, then Himeko asks him to draw her an entire poster's worth of fish, then Dante clogs up the boys' toilet. When Bossun leaves school and stops by a convenience store to use their bathroom, he ends up foiling the robbery in progress and then stopped by the police because the store has become a crime scene. Arriving at his apartment building, he realizes that he left his house key back in the clubroom and subsequently rings the wrong doorbell. Unfortunately, as he had already undone his belt to facilitate the process, the neighbor who answers freaks out and calls the police, leaving Bossun standing in the doorway begging her to let him use the toilet.


  • The chapter's title is a play on a famous speech by Uesugi Kenshin, which begins Un wa ten ni ari (運は天にあり), meaning "fate is with heaven." The version of "Un" used in the chapter title is a shortened form of unchi, a slang word for "poop" - instead of the original "Un," meaning "heaven."
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