You've Got Mail! Part 3

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Kanji ユーガッタメール! 後編
Romaji Yū gatta meeru! kōhen
Volume 13
Anime 57
Bossun, Himeko, Switch


At the train station plaza, Himeko arrives first while Bossun marches towards area like a robot. The two bump into each other and get into a fight quickly. They try to contact their pen pal by describing what they wear. Himeko has "Samurai" jumping up and down while Bossun calls "Pudding." When Bossun spots a girl that fits Pudding's description, he asks her if she is Pudding and gets slapped by her. Himeko points to Bossun as Samurai, and the two realizes that they have been e-mailing each other. Later on, Himeko and Bossun try to erase their messages together but to no avail.

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