You've Got Mail! Part 1

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Kanji ユーガッタメール! 前編
Romaji Yū gatta meeru! zenpen
Volume 13
Anime 57
Bossun, Shinzo Takemitsu, Remi Misora, Switch, Rumi Fujisaki, Koma Morishita, Hime Onizuka


After Remi does her show and tell of samurai history, she and Shinzo discuss about their favorites which Bossun gets lost in. Moments later, Shinzo talks about the joy of sharing e-mails, and he encourages Bossun to get a pen pal. He has him exchange e-mails with the manager of the Sengoku fan website, Pudding. It turns out that Bossun got hooked on e-mailing. Two days, Koma and Hime are together. Hime agrees to help Koma talk to "Samurai" (Bossun).