You've Got Mail!

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Kanji ユーガッタメール!
Romaji Yū gatta meeru!
Air Date May 10, 2012
Manga Chapters 110, 111, and 112
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

You've Got Mail! (ユーガッタメール!?, Yū gatta meeru!) is the 57th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Bossun gets addicted to his phone when Shinzo makes him exchange e-mails with the manager of the Sengoku website, Pudding. As he responds back and forth, he gets hooked on. At the same time, Himeko also gets a pen pal when she fills in for Koma to help reply to Samurai. As the two get close with their pen pals, they arrange a date to meet each other.

Will their dates go well?


Remi begins explaining the battle of samurai through a puppet show while Saaya and Shinzo talks about samurai and what they like. Switch and Remi join in which makes Bossun confused. Bossun wakes up to see Shinzo and Saaya still present in the clubroom. He notices Shinzo playing with his phone, and Shinzo explains he is e-mailing his friend. Though, Shinzo contradicts himself due to being a samurai. Then, he gives a monologue about how addicting and exciting a cell phone can be when exchanging e-mails. When Shinzo's cell phone runs out of battery, he asks Bossun to help him update a website, High School Girl Pudding's Sengoku Era Fan Site called "General Mustache." Also, Shinzo pressures Bossun to e-mail his pen pal, Pudding. Bossun gives in and decides to give it a try. Moments later, Bossun gets a message from Pudding who is glad and asks him why he likes the Sengoku era. Bossun replies that he likes her website and receives a message. She asks him why he name himself, "Samurai." He responds back and asks her why she name herself pudding. When Bossun receives a message that "pudding" refers to how her body moves. Bossun feels aroused. Two days later, Bossun fidgets a bit and wonder why Pudding has not respond. He decides to go home, and on the way home, he receives a message. Breaking a tear, Bossun realizes that he might be addicted but denies it. As he arrives home, he admits he is addicted and describes how he feels giddy when Pudding replies back.

Two days ago, Koma asks Hime a favor and informs her that she has received an e-mail (from Shinzo) about her website. Yet, she got nervous and breaks the cell phone. Hime agrees to help her respond to Samurai. Moments later, Hime receive messages; before Koma leaves, she tells Hime that she could make a pen pal. Even though Hime denies it, she gets hooked right away as she keep responding. In class with the present time, Hime (Pudding) and Bossun (Samurai) exchange e-mails. When Bossun asks Hime how she looks like, Hime responds with a lie, and Bossun thinks Pudding looks like a busty, girl with black hair and wears glasses. Bossun reacts like a madman with everyone noticing him. Though, Hime did not catch what Bossun said. Later in Sket Dan clubroom, Hime and Bossun continue exchanging e-mails with Switch picking up the connection. Switch later confirms it with Koma, and on the following day, Switch tells Hime and Bossun that he is going to meet his e-mail buddy. This pressures Bossun and Hime to set up a location to meet tomorrow.

At Kobukuro Station Plaza, Hime arrives to the plaza near the clock with dyed black hair. Bossun arrives like a robot with a stranged blushed face. Then, Saaya strolls with Sojiro and spots Bossun and Hime. She has Sojiro buy her food at a nearby cafe, so she spy on Bossun and Hime. Hime and Bossun bump into each other, and a fight follows. They learn that they are both waiting for someone. Bossun asks Hime why she dyed her hair black, and Hime goes berserk on him. He decides to e-mail Pudding (Hime), and Hime looks for a guy with an orange sweater. Though, Bossun is the only who fits the description. Hime sends Bossun a message about her clothing and where she is. She decides to have her pen pal jump, so Bossun jumps. Then, Bossun spots a girl who matches Hime's descriptions. He frightens her, and Hime overhears that Bossun called her pudding due to her large bosom. Bossun gets slapped by the girl for being perverted. Hime informs Bossun that he is Samurai, and the two blush in a silly fashion with some introductions and apologies. However, the two freak out and will not go out with each other.

Back at the Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun and Hime are not able to delete the messages.


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Cast & Credits

Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita
Shinzo Takemitsu: Kenta Miyake

Koma Morishita: Mamiko Noto
Pudding: Saki Nakajima

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Saaya, Hosuke, and Sojiro only appears in the anime while Rumi only appears in the manga.
  • Manga Exclusive Scene: In the manga, Bossun actually calls Himeko (as Pudding) on her cell phone, and the two talk to each other to do specific actions. Yet, the two do not figure out that they are dating each other.
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