Birthday July 23
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 180 cm.
Weight 71 kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Orange
School Tachikawa High School
Manga Debut Chapter 116
Anime Debut Episode 59
Seiyū Taiten Kusunoki

Yabuta is a boss of delinquents who go to Tachikawa High School.


Yabuta has orange, wavy hair, narrow, slanted eyes, thick eyebrows, and prominent lips. For his school uniform, he wears a purple scarf around his neck and a gray uniform


He is a selfish man who views his followers as tools. He only calls people his friends if they are useful to him.

Major Story Arcs

Tsubaki and Daisy

After his followers harassed Daisy and gave her a letter to come to hideout, Yabuta finds Daisy very attractive. He punches one of his delinquents and approaches Daisy. Immediately, Daisy tries to poke out Yabuta's eyes out. However, Yabuta evades Daisy's attacks and gets behind her. He attacks Daisy with a kiss, and Daisy manages to avoid locking lips with him. Yabuta only manages to peck on Daisy's cheek.

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