Whispered Instructions

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Kanji ひそひそインストラクソン
Romaji Hisahisa insutorakuson
Volume Volume 12
Anime Episode 45
Hime Onizuka, Bossun, Switch, Junichi Son


When Himeko shares details about her nightmare with Bossun, J-son creeps in the room, scaring everyone. J-son informs the Sket Dan that he has another marriage interview. Then, Switch proposes that J-son uses his invention, the Whisper-In-Your-Ear Earphone. He instructs them on how to use the device since he will not be able to assist J-son due to attending Momoka's event, Second Single: Spirit OK. When Himeko dislikes using the laptop, Switch explains that he calibrated the device, so she can type on her cellphone.

During the marriage interview, J-son messes up when he misinterprets Bossun and Himeko's words. Though, J-son manages to fix the situation and signals Himeko and Bossun to let him do it. Somehow, Switch, Otakura, and Reiko's e-mails get mix in when Himeko reads her text. J-son accidentally reads them, causing the poor woman to run off in fear.