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Weekly Shōnen Jump, the magazine in which Sket Dance runs, makes frequent cameos throughout the manga and anime. This is an ongoing comprehensive list of those sightings. If you see a Weekly Jump somewhere in the series, add it in! Thus far, the magazine has been spotted in the following places:

Manga Sightings

Ch049.png Chapter 49

Seen in Bossun's hands while Himeko is practicing guitar.

Gintoki magazine.jpg Chapter 180

The Sket Dan can be seen reading an edition of the magazine with Gintoki's face on it at the beginning of the chapter and before Gintoki and his pals appear.

Anime Sightings

IMAGE Episode 9

After the credits, the book is seen in Bossun's hands.

IMAGE Episode 15

Seen on the train billboard in Dante's flashback.

Jump with biney ad.jpg Episode 29

Seen in Jōgasaki's hands.

Jump, ep 51.png Episode 51

Seen on a bookshelf in the Sket Dan's clubroom.

Jump with ponytail.jpg Episode 50

Near the beginning, Bossun can be seen reading it until Himeko shows her special ability.