Visual Yearning

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Kanji ビジュアル慕情
Romaji Bijuaru bojō
Volume 20
Anime Episode 71
Tetsuji Chūma, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Dante, Kuroda


The third trimester begins and everyone is greeting each other again after the new year, when Dante's friend and bandmate Rodan asks the Sket Dan for help.

It turns out that after falling asleep listening to an Enka concert, Dante became obsessed with the music style and changed his image and way of speaking. They all attempt to revert Dante to visual kei by copying his usual style and speech. This proves unsuccessful (as Himeko and Switch can't imitate the speech style and Bossun gets carried away), so they opt to knock him unconscious and repeated his changing process but have him listen to visual kei music. This returns him to normal... until he appears a few days later wearing a full Reality Maji costume as a result of having fallen asleep listening to anime.

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