Valentine's Variety

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Kanji バレンタイン・バラエティ
Romaji Barentain baraetei
Volume 21
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Saaya Agata, Soujirou Agata, Chiaki Takahashi, Mimori Unyuu, Daisy, Sasuke Tsubaki, Kiri Katou, Remi Misora, Tetsuji Chūma, Roman Saotome, Akane Fujisaki, Rumi Fujisaki, Shinzou Takemitsu



The story is about how other Sket Dance characters celebrating their Valentine's Day.

Saaya Agata, Part 1

Makes her own homemade cookies and fills three boxes while visualling Bossun's reaction as being struck dumb. Her brother Sojiro watches and starts panicking thinking that she is going out with three different people, but is calmed when one of the boxes is given to him. Saaya keeps a box for herself and intends to give the other to Bossun.


Gets given presents by a random girl during school, he gets out his laptop and looks as if to write a refusal but after considering it for a moment just thanks her.


Brings in a box of cookies for the class but while waiting for them to arrive, speed eats them quick enough to send a sonicboom through the hallways.

Student Council

Tsubaki and Katou receive chocolates from Mimori and Daisy (with Katou giving his to Tsubaki). Usami storms out the room claiming that she'd never give men anything. Mimori admits that Usami did buy chocolates but won't give them to the guys so they convince Tsubaki and Katou to dress as girls, Usami then offers 'Sasuko-chan and Kiriko-chan' her chocolates.

Chūma and Remi

Remi gives Chūma three presents in her usual scatterbrained way - a puzzle that looks like chocolate pieces, an unidentified candy that looked like chocolate and cooks Czech Cuisine (Cheko-ryori, (Chocolate = Chokoreto)), much to Chūma's chagrin.

Roman Saotome

Gives Bossun a box of chocolates to his surprise before breaking the fourth wall and claiming that she will find her place in the manga...

Saaya Agata, Part 2

She gives Bossun his box of cookies, which strikes him dumb (as expected) but he asks to eat them now. Upon eating them he compliments her and then asks for her set as well, she gladly gives them to him but says he can only count them as one present...this scenario is watched again by Sojiro who is enraged until he tries one of his cookies and realises that they're disgusting (she added salt instead of sugar) making him decide that Bossun was just looking out for Saaya to save her from embarrassment.


Has his presents counted by his mother and sister who are surprised by his sudden popularity. However, all the boxes have the same message "thanks for everything"


He cheated and bought himself chocolates

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