Valentine's Crisis, Part 3

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Kanji バレンタイン・クライシス後編
Romaji Barentain kuraishisu kōhen
Volume 21
Switch, Momoka Kibitsu, Bossun, Himeko, Sawa Yamauchi (flashback), Rumi Fujisaki, Akane Fujisaki


Momoka finally gives her Valentine's Day chocolate to Switch while Bossun and Himeko watch from nearby. She thanks him for always supporting her, but he points out that all of her fans have done that, and Himeko realizes that Switch is the person Momoka likes. Nervously, Momoka asks if Switch likes anyone or has any interest in getting a girlfriend. After a tense silence, Switch answers that he will never fall in love again - while recalling his final goodbye with Sawa. Himeko and Momoka are both shocked, but Bossun's face turns grim. Switch thanks Momoka for the chocolates, saying he is looking forward to her live show, and walks away. Behind him, Momoka silently cries into her hands.

As Himeko and Bossun leave, Himeko wonders if Momoka will be alright. She talks about how fragile of a person Momoka is, asking Bossun if there is anything he can do. He, however, states that Momoka is not as weak as Himeko believes, and adds that everything will turn out alright. They continue walking, and Bossun suddenly asks if Himeko had gotten to do what she had wanted to. She anxiously gives him her Valentine's chocolate, but he is as oblivious as ever and doesn't understand why she's giving it to him. She ends up shouting that it's obligation chocolate and parts from him in frustration.

Meanwhile, at Momoka's live concert, she takes a moment between songs to deliver a heartfelt thank you to her fans. She tells them that she is proof of people being able to change, and that those who don't try won't be able to accomplish anything. Her words seem to strike a chord with Switch as he stands in the crowd.

At the Fujisaki house, Akane and Rumi each have chocolate for Bossun, but freak out upon noticing that he is already carrying Valentine's chocolate. They make the same strange face upon learning that it was from Himeko. In his room, Bossun eats the chocolate from Himeko, idly wondering why it's heart-shaped. The card has a basic "thanks for everything" message written inside.