Valentine's Crisis, Part 1

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Kanji バレンタイン・クライシス前編
Romaji Barentain kuraishisu zenpen
Volume 21
Bossun, Switch, Shinzō Takemitsu, Himeko, Momoka Kibitsu


Switch and Bossun talk about Valentine's Day, which is fast approaching. Bossun doesn't really care about it since he did not receive any chocolate last year, even from Himeko. They bump into Shinzō and the conversation continues.

Elsewhere, Himeko is at a shop picking out chocolate for Bossun and Switch. She spends a lot of time picking out Bossun's piece, worrying that he might get the wrong idea based on which one she chooses, and tries to convince herself that it is just obligatory chocolate. She then decides on a piece of chocolate that is oddly shaped but still resembles a heart (time spent: 28 minutes). She has a much easier time picking out chocolate for Switch, however (time spent: 6 seconds). Before purchasing the chocolates, she notices that the box she had picked out for Bossun is a lot bigger than the one for Switch and starts to panic again. Momoka just happens to be in the same store, so Himeko is able to buy similar size chocolate boxes. Himeko asks who Momoka is giving her chocolate to, and is surprised to discover there is someone Momoka likes. They relocate to a cafe to talk further.

At the cafe, Momoka talks about the person she likes, though she isn't even certain whether what she feels is love or not - he's just always been there to support her. Without knowing that Momoka is talking about Switch, Himeko imagines the person to be some rich middle-aged guy who works with Momoka. Next, they talk about Himeko's presents for the rest of the Sket Dan. Since the logos on both boxes look similar, Momoka suggests Himeko write a card for each boy with his name and a message - something Himeko feels embarrassed to do. As they finish, Momoka gets a call from work. As she leaves, Himeko decides to give Bossun and Switch the chocolate the next day... not knowing that she and Momoka have mistakenly taken each other's chocolate boxes!

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