Valentine's Crisis
Japanese Title バレンタイン・クライシス, Barentain kuraishisu
Volume 21
Release Date November 4, 2011
ISBN 978-4-08-870304-6
Pages 200
Next Figure Doll Painting
Cover Characters
Himeko, Saaya Agata, Momoka Kibitsu
Characters Debuted

Valentine's Crisis (バレンタイン・クライシス, Barentain kuraishisu) is volume 21 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 181

The Rated 6+ Horror Prize (6禁ホラー賞, 6 kin horaa shō)

Chapter 182

The Food Fighter's Distress (憂いのフードファイター, Urei no fūdofuaitaa)

Chapter 183

A Winter Courtyard Battle (中庭冬の陣, Nakaniwa fuyu no jin)

Chapter 184

The Brother's Worries About His Sister Worry His Friend (妹を心配する兄を心配する友, Imōto o shinpaisuru ani o shinpaisuru tomo)

Chapter 185

Quecchon Question (クエッチョン・クエスチョン, Kuecchon kuesuchon)

Chapter 186

Valentine's Crisis, Part 1 (バレンタイン・クライシス前編, Barentain kuraishisu zenpen)

Chapter 187

Valentine's Crisis, Part 2 (バレンタイン・クライシス中編, Barentain kuraishisu chūpen)

Chapter 188

Valentine's Crisis, Part 3 (バレンタイン・クライシス後編, Barentain kuraishisu kōhen)

Chapter 189

Valentine's Variety (バレンタイン・バラエティ, Barentain baraetei)

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