VS the Student Council! A Rare Guy Who is Anxious About a Battle Q

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Kanji VS生徒会! バトルQを杞憂する稀有な男
Romaji VS seitokai! Batoru Q wo kiyūsuru kiyūna otoko
Air Date January 19, 2012
Manga Chapters 113 & 144
Opening Message
Ending Party! Hallelujah!

VS the Student Council! A Rare Guy Who is Anxious About a Battle Q (VS生徒会! バトルQを杞憂する稀有な男, VS seitokai! Batoru Q o kiyūsuru kiyūna otoko) is the 41st episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Enigman, Quecchon and Bossun challenge the student council to Battle Q. If the student council loses, a photo of their mishaps with the principal's bust will be spread around the school. In the second half, Akitoshi asks the Sket Dan to help him prepare for a date with Quecchon.

Plot Summary

Sojiro finishes his report on club activities in front of Genzaburo (principal) and the teachers. Genzaburo then talks about how cute his grandson and how amazing his bust is. Everyone sigh during his little story. Enigman announces Battle Q while Quettion directs to the Kaimei Student Council. Enigman threatens the student council by spreading a photo if they do not accept his challenge. Sasuke and the gang accept the challenge, and Sasuke tells them that Agata is a meeting which Enigman and Quettion feel bad about Sojiro's absence. Quettion reveals the rules, and Engiman announces the quiz king, Bossun. When Sasuke realizes it is Bossun, Bossun replies he is Bosshuton. With a warm handshake between the two quiz maniacs, Enigman start Battle Q by asking Mimori and Daisy first.

In the first question, Enigman asks Daisy and Mimori about what hats are the prisoners are wearing. Enigman, Quettion, and Bossun dance while Daisy and Mimori think. However, Daisy can only think about poking the quiz maniacs' eyes and ripping off their masks. Sasuke yells at her to think about the question, and somehow, Daisy has the answer. Yet, Daisy's answer involves the three prisoners beating up a prison guard and leaving the other prisoner behind, and she is wrong. Then, Mimori answers the way she knows, give each prison guard 10 million yen. Enigman asks Bossun for the answer; Bossun answers that the one in the middle of the stairs knows all. He answers white hat which is the right answer.

For question 2, Enigman asks Shinba about what kind of bouquet did "Shinba" have after taking out the stems. When timeis up, Shinba states that the answer is love magic where he can show the lady any flower bouquet. Everyone else look at Shinba with dismay except for Mimori. Bossun draws the right answers with Sasuke angry at him. Now, the score is 2 to 0. For the last question, Enigman asks Sasuke about how many pitches does the pitcher threw? Sasuke's team thinks Sasuke doesn't nknow about baseball, but Sasuke reasures them. Sasuke comes up with 81 pitches at first then he comes up with 27 pitches. Yet, he is wrong. After Enigman and Quettion celebrate a bit, Sojiro appears. The whole council asks Sojiro to help them, and Sojiro asks the quiz maniacs if he can participate. He tells them that he can give the right answers by just looking at the flip cards and that they don't have to ask him the questions.

With Enigman accepting Sojiro's proposal, Sojiro stuns Enigman by correctly analyzing the flip cards. He guesses 25 pitches which is the right answer. Sojiro got every question right with his gang cheering him, and Enigman and the quiz maniacs try to walk away. Enigman gives back the photo to Sojiro, and the photo is when Sojiro and the gang try to fix the principal's bust.

2nd Story

Moe, Kumi, and the other girls glance at Akitoshi who walks down the hallway. Kumi tells Moe that he has a wacky personality. In the Sket Dan's clubroom, Hime asks Bossun some riddles she has been writing. Bossun answers "Geria" which Hime whistles. He yells at her if she actually knows how a comparative riddle works. By the window, Akitoshi talks about how he wants to be a knight in his strange poem. Yet, Akitoshi states he is just a shy, naive, nice man. He asks them about Quettion with a flashback of their last request. The good news is that Akitoshi and Quettion's relationship is improving a lot. The mood goes down a bit when he tells them he's taking Quettion to a date at the Quiz House, an amusement park. Akitoshi puts on his mask and asks them how he could he succeed. He reveals that he secretly took a photo of Quettion and taped it on his wall while he simulates the date much to Bossun's surprise with Hime disapproving his tactic.

With Bossun accepting his request, Enigman fusses about coming early with crazy scenarios. Then, they go over the compliments, yet Akitoshi over thinks about it. Bossun takes action and gives Akitoshi his answer with some insults. Akitoshi thanks him for his pep talk. In the date, Akitoshi arrives, but Quettion scolds him for being late even though she got here 11 minutes early. He compliments on her clothes, but Quettion mock him for fashion sense. After a montage of their date, Quettion seems unamused because Akitoshi's predictions all came true. At school, Akitoshi walks to the Sket Dan room with a sad face and an arm in a cast. Switch types how they fail the request.


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