This post was originally posted at my Tumblr and since Bossun is from Sket Dance I want to post it here too. I also like Himeko and Switch, but I have more words about him than the other two. I also want to post the character I don’t like but… too lazy.

Meh, my English bad since I have no games to play with but I do my best.

Yuusuke Fujisaki aka Bossun is the founder and leader of the Sket Dan and the main character.

For a size of main protagonist in a series, good with something that other people not is an ordinary thing. But Bossun has two godhands with him - he can folding origami, making figures, drawing, playing music (and singing), and not related with his hand, acting (while practicing with Momoka) and good concentration if he uses his goggles or keep Himeko’s mother around him XD.

Ah, don't forget, he is awesome at imitating a certain person's face, behavior, and even their voice. for example, Agata, Shinba, Doraemon (if I didn't wrong), comedians, and... obviously Sasuke! XD

He also good at attracting the girls around him like Himeko, Roman, and of course Saaya. Uh only three? My bad. Oh four, count me in.

Hiroyuki Yoshino really suits voicing him. Yoshino usually voicing the protagonist-of-a-certain-anime’s-friend like Orito, guy from Toradora! and True Tears, and many more. Or other main character like Takumi from Chaos;Head. Bossun is a type of a guy you’d always like to tease because of his kindness innocence X3.

Aside from his cuteness, he always willing to help anyone, along or not with his bestfriends Himeko and Switch. A good leader (at some time), friends, older brother (to Rumi and Sasuke, lol), and of course, a son to his adoptive mother.

Ah the paragraph below may contain spoilers,

Shinohara-sensei good at covering his ‘feelings’ towards Himeko like example, when he thought Himeko was dating Kiri, and when Himeko almost fell and Kiri helped her. Those were covered by “I am her friend yet she didn’t tell me she dating Katou? It is because I’m just a kid?!” and “why is she befriending enemy?!” he really unaware of his feeling towards Himeko or he really that idiot, I can’t guess XD.

Also, his sign is Scorpio, the sign I always believe the most compared with mine, Cancer #thisoneisnotimportantbutIwanttodeclareit.

--Utipintar 13:48, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

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