• Takashichea

    In volume 31 of Sket Dance, Kenta Shinohara has announced that Sket Dance will end in the next volume.

    Chapter 288 is the last chapter in the manga series.

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  • Takashichea

    Hey everyone, I'm Takashichea, an Anime Vice wiki editor and the 3rd admin at Sket Dance Wikia. I'm doing this marathon to read Sket Dance manga from the beginning and catch up to my teammates. I'm not the most knowledgeable person in this community because I only know the anime and what the anime cover in the manga so far. There is about 150 chapters that anime had covered. It went as far as chapter 178, I believe. However, the anime skips a few chapters in volumes 19 and 20.

    I also did this because there has been a dispute Cococrash11 and myself concerning edits in spelling and spacing. As a new admin, it was the first time that I had dealt with issues like these. I believe I didn't do a good job as a fellow admin. With this manga maratho…

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  • Takashichea

    Hello everyone, welcome to the wiki report for Sket Dance Wikia. I do this because I used to a weekly progress report with the episode reviews during the times that the anime was still active. Plus, the wiki report reveals the style and the types of contributions of these wiki editors.

    • Utipintar updated the list of manga chapters and group several chapters under volume 30.
      • Created Chapter 236 with summary and everything else.
      • Added summary to chapter 252
      • Expanded chapter 256's summary
    • Cococrash11 does minor formatting with character pages by taking some sentences and placing them under appropriate sections: Nozomu Saikawa, Teruaki Morino, Minoru Sakura, Michinori Magata, Midori Hagihara, Taiki Saratani, Sakiko Takashima, Remi Misora, Genzaburo …

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  • Takashichea

    Hello everyone. I'm Takashichea, the 3rd admin of Sket Dance Wikia. I have been asking around for help in translating manga titles around the Wikia Communities that I have worked at. Haven't found any luck there. I wanted to help my teammate, Utipintar who has been making the translations.

    • Chapter 264 (ゆるキャラサマー yuru kyara samaa)
    • Chapter 265 (引退地合 Intai jiai)
    • Chapter 274 (生徒会室ケーキバラバラ事件 seitokai shitsu keki barabara jiken)

    For chapter 274, I thought it was "Student Council Cake," but I didn't know the rest of romaji meant.

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  • Takashichea
    • AdventureWriter28 updated Switch's father's page.
    • Mr.Spark fought vandalism on chapter 223.
      • Wrote major story arcs for Akitoshi Daimon.
    • Takashichea wrote a detailed summary for episode 24.
      • Created Sket Dance OVA.
      • Fix several overlaps in episode galleries, 56-59.
    • Yuko Hanashima updated the infobox on Chuma's page.
    • Kirishima Yusuke added some snapshots in the Sket Dance OVA.
      • Updated uncollected chapters.
    • Kappaels updated the character list.
    • RocketWobbuffet updated manga with volume 29.
    • Utipintar updated manga's uncollected chapters.
      • Updated music.

    • Utipintar created Split Milk/ REFLECT page.
    • Kappaels added lyrics: Kanji and Romaji.
      • Added Kanji and English lyrics to HERO.
      • Added Kanji, English, and Romaji lyrics to CLEAR.
      • Added Kanji lyrics to Reboot.
      • Added Engl…

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