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    Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report by Team W.I.K.I. Nation! I'm Taka, and here are my teammates.

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    • MohsinMan99
    • KuroNekoXIII
    • Hibaru
    • Halberdierv2
    • Piface314

    Sora_thekey is doing the weekly reports for Sket Dance for his Winter Watch. Check out his report, too. This week's episode is another Enigman and Quecchon story. Oh yeah, I had to shorten the title to Battle Q, Honor, and Love!

    Check out the rad image gallery for this episode! We also got trivia questions for you fans.

    Enigman, Quettion, and Bossun (Bosshuton) challenges the Kaimei Student Council to Battle Q. If Enigman wins, they spread a photo that could damage the council's reputation. Will Sasuke and the gang beat these quiz maniacs?

    Akitoshi asks Sket Dan about a request about …

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