Welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! Last week's episode was a serious one where we learned about Kiri's origin story. Though, the anime did not go along with the manga's storyline. We missed some precious details. This week's episode is a funny one, and I find it predictable that Sket Dan would go from serious to comic relief.


The first story is about Kiri demonstrating his loyalty to Tsubaki, but Tsubaki's student council feels Kiri is acting more of an errand boy.

Later, the Sket Dan and the student council help Hani overcome her problem with her distaste of men. At first, Himeko and the girls dress as guys, but it doesn't work. Then, Himeko proposes to have Bossun and the rest of guys to cross dress as girls.

Can the Sket Dan crew help Hani overcome her hatred for men?

Bunny acting sexy


Beware of spoilers!


  • Kiri and Hani have another episode dedicated to them since episode 72. Though, Kiri had more spotlight than Hani. If you're a fan of either of these characters, you'll enjoy the episode.
  • Kiri Kato's quirkyness is his sheer devotion in protecting Tsubaki and following his orders. Scenes of him wanting to punish the girls and serving them makes him an amusing character.
  • The cross dressing scene is entertaining. With Kiri and Sasuke adding random words, Bossun and Switch's acting is great. I just like how it complements Himeko's group and beating them.
Girls Cross dressing

Boys Cross Dressing


  • Title: It's a bit misleading since I thought it was Agata's chapter. Plus, it did not fit the episode at all.
  • Manga Differences: For fans want the show to be faithful, they will be disappointed since the anime skips the Falken Incident where the Sket Dan have to occupy the same room with the student council due to the burned down Sket Dan clubroom.
  • Fan Service: It's not that good that Mimori is just an eye candy character. Shows like Binbogami Ga! makes fan service amusing, but Sket Dance cannot make the fan service entertaining. The show does not need it since it feels out of place.

Plus, if this show gets dub in America, the show will get in trouble with the younger audience. The animation is pretty strange in this episode. Some scenes have faces look distorted a bit. I can't blame the series since they're working hard to provide a new episode each week.

Overall, it's a decent episode since its humor falls short due to an intense episode last week. I find Kiri's story more boring than Hani's story. For those who want more Kiri and Hani, this episode is good for you.


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