Hello everyone and welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! Last week's episode is pretty random humor, and for this week's episode, we get down to business with one of the new characters, Kiri Kato. In this episode, we get to know his back story.


When class 2-D's Shuuichi Morita lost control, Kiri's action makes him throw the chair towards Mimori. Sasuke tells Kiri to cooperate, but Kiri refuses to follow Sasuke's orders. Later, Himeko hangs out with Kiri who shares his story about Kihara who was a victim of Kutsuwa, a teacher from his old middle school. When Kiri's old teacher comes back to Kaimei High School and bullies Himeko, Kiri Kato loses his composure.

Ep 75 Eyecatch B

Can Bossun and the gang stop Kiri Kato from crossing the line in his quest for justice?


Beware of spoilers!


  • Kiri's character shines in this episode. He, Tsubaki, and Himeko are a lot alike. He could not help Kihara back then, and he tries to atone for his actions by making Kutsuwa apologize to Hime and Kihara. I enjoy Kiri's character since he somewhat reminds me of Batman but not close enough.
  • The episode meshes flashbacks well without interrupting the flow.
  • For the fans who support Hime and Kiri, this episode is excellent.


  • I don't have much bad stuff to report.
  • Anime vs Manga: For those who read the manga, the episode covers a bit of chapter 157, but it skips Bossun's reaction when he sees Himeko and Kiri together. (I thank Balthierfan for pointing out that chapter.) I'm sure they'll cover it. It's an important part that shouldn't be neglected. (Thank you Utipintar and Anonymous Editor for pointing it out)
    • Though, it's strange that Saaya is eyeing Bossun at the end.

Overall, the episode is great, and it depends if you enjoy Kiri Kato and the concept of having friends. It was touching that Tsubaki and Himeko share how friends changed them.


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