Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! It's another crazy, random episode this week.

Sasuke accidentally broke Bossun's bonus toy car that he won from a candy box. Mimori says her father is collecting something similar so she brings Bossun, Himeko and Sasuke to her home... no, it's a mansion! Wait no, it's a town...

Later, after deciding to stop her high speed 'Captain Munch', Chiaki is challenged by an old foe to a rematch over her 'food fighter' abilities, can she regain her 'Munch' or while Bossun be able to fill in?


Written by Utipintar and Balthierfan.


Beware of spoilers!


  • Bossun coughs up tomato juice

    Bossun's rad acting

    We get some more background information on Mimori and how insanely rich she is.
  • Chiaki's food fighter spirit shows up for the second time. I say she's the most normal girl (excluding Kumi) in the show except she has this weird ability.
  • Bossun's dramatic acting is fun to watch, and it reminds me of a cliche shonen series.


  • Mimori's breasts

    Mimori's absurd Gainax Bounce

    Absurd fan service: The Gainax Bounce for Mimori's breasts is just ridiculous, and it's not that funny. Highschool of the Dead pokes fun at absurd fan service. However, Sket Dance should not resort to this type of fan service.
  • While Bossun was good in the 2nd story, his little shrieks is a bit annoying in the first story.
  • If you're not a fan of recycled or reused clips, it's not great. I remember seeing Hime giving Bossun a powerful throw with a spin somewhere.

The episode is good but not that great. It's hit or miss with me because some parts are funny while others are poor. For folks who enjoy Chiaki, I think you may like the last episode, Food Fighter, better.


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