Howdy everyone and welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! Things are getting hectic in Sket Dance since we have two new members for Tsubaki's team. They're quite quirky in their own way.


After Hime discovers a peeping tom who stare at her as she changed in the girls' locker room, she asks Bossun and Switch to help catch the creep. However, Bossun and Switch ignore her plea as they watch a student spider climbing. Meanwhile, Roman and Michinori are having a manga faceoff to determine who is the better mangaka.

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Beware of spoilers!


  • For you Kiri and Hani fans, the first story is great for you. Kiri and Tsubaki's relationship is improving to say the least. I find their relationship similar to Bossun and Tsubaki's relationship before they discover that they are twins.
  • For you Roman fans, she faces off with Michinori. Instead of showing off her wacky manga, we get two crazy manga, and some new characters.
  • The Osamu Tezuka reference is awesome, and I love how it ties in with Roman's manga niche since Tezuka is the father of anime.


  • For Michinori, his character is weak. Even though he is a minor character, I expected more from a shonen mangaka who is supposed to be Roman's rival. I guess my expectations was too high since Michinori and Roman are both goofy artists.
  • Fan Service or Not: Some of you might love Hani or just hate it.

Overall, this episode is good. Some of you might love the first story while others will enjoy the second story. For me, I like the first story since it involves Kiri and Hani who are just warming up to Tsubaki's group and Sket Dan.


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