Howdy everyone and welcome to the Sket Dance Weekly Report! Last week was a cool episode and a bit sad because Sojiro Agata and Shinba are gone. They have graduated Kaimei High School. This week's episode is back to the usual, funny Sket Dance business.


The first story is a homage to a Japanese folktale, The Crab and The Monkey, and Himeko is the crab seeking vengeance against Switch, the monkey, who has stolen the persimmon from Reiko, the mother crab.

In the second story, Kuroda asks the Sket Dan to restore Dante to his old, Visual Kei self because Dante has undergone an Enka transformation.

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Beware of spoilers!


  • Meet Chestnut Chiaki who speaks like Alvin the chipmunk

    The first story is pretty weird, and I don't know why Bossun is cow poop. Chestnut Chiaki and Hime in a little crab car are so cute.
  • A nice refreshing change to Dante's requests. In those requests, Dante usually confuses the Sket Dan with his words. Now, he has become Enka, a traditional Japanese singer, if I'm right.
  • For Gackt fans, you will enjoy Gackt singing Enka style music and one of the magical girl theme songs at the end of the episode.


  • This depends on

    Hit or Miss with the Fan Service

    if you like fan service or not. I know I said this a couple of times, but I'm sorry about that. I don't think Sket Dance needs these scenes to boost its ratings. Plus, it feels awkward to watch the show with a younger audience. I tend to watch Sket Dance with my siblings every Thursday evening, and one of them is 11 years younger than me.
  • Besides that, there's not much bad stuff. The first story can be a hit or miss if you don't like Rocket Dance.


  • It's Goku!

    Bossun is the cow poop, and Switch is harassing Moe with persimmon seeds. I don't know what grudge does Switch have against Moe.
  • Ayumi Kuramoto talks to the audience a lot just like Roman. Unlike Roman, she is the fan service girl. I think this is the third time. The other one was in the episode where Koma and Dante asks the Sket Dan to help them with their relationship.
  • References: I caught a glimpse of Goku's head and Dragon Quest VIII. I didn't catch why Hime made a reference to Goku. Maybe you guys and gals can enlighten me.

Overall, this episode is funny, and you may like the 2nd story or the 1st story better than the other. In my opinion, I prefer the 2nd story. In the next episode preview, we see the new characters, Kiri Kato and Hani Usami. I'm stoked to see them. I have been avoiding their wiki pages in Sket Dance Wikia since I tend to watch and read the manga and anime side to side. I got spoiled about Momoka and Switch's relationship when I was out condensing relationship sections that were added by many anonymous editors. Don't worry, I won't spoil you guys.


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Wiki Progress

  • Utipintar: She created and added DVD covers to the community. Please see List of Sket Dance DVDs. She also finished Ch. 205
  • Takashichea: It's my turn to finish Ep. 71's page. I just got to read the manga to finish the manga and anime differences.
  • Jess0312: Jess tweaked and added appearance info to Kiri Kato and Usami's pages.

I'll complete this section soon!

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