Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance blog! This week's episode is a bit of morbid episode for Sojiro fans because he and Shinba are graduation. The story in Sket Dance is moving on.


The torch has passed from Sojiro to Sasuke who is new president. Being anxious, Sasuke starts being strict with the rules until Sojiro has a man to man talk with Sasuke. He tells him that he has his friends as his support. Later, a stranger calls Sojiro and threatens to hurt Saaya if Sojiro does not solve the four puzzles that he has set up.


Will Sojiro save his little sister, Saaya?!


Beware of Spoilers!


  • Secret message for Sojiro otsukare

    Otsukare "Good Job!"

    Despite that Sojiro is a minor character, he helps mold Sasuke and Bossun. He's an unforgettable character with a unique laugh and a sheer devotion to protect his sister. I just like how he thinks his sister is twisting the hearts of Bossun and Sasuke.
  • Bossun's farewell ceremony is pure genius! I loved how he set up Sojiro who showed why he is the president the first place. I hoped to see those two battle each other in a game of wits again.


  • There is not much bad things about this episode, but he is a character for comic relief just like the others: Moe and Enigman. Unlike Sojiro, he didn't change much.

Overall, this episode is great, and the puzzles can be confusing. We had a special ending with a slower version, Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta, and a compilation of the Kaimei Student Council.


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