Welcome everyone to the Weekly Sket Dance report! The week is flying fast, and we have another lovely episode of Sket Dance that concludes the awkward yet hysterical School Rhapsody arc.



While the Sket Dan and their classmates are enjoying their field trip on the ski resort, Bossun and Himeko's body switch is not a secret with Shinzo and Reiko who figure it out on their own. As Himeko goes with Moe for a photoshoot, Switch gets distracted with Reiko and Sasuke, and Saaya asks Bossun (Himeko) to have a chat with her in private.

How would Bossun (Himeko) answer Saaya's question about how Bossun feels about Himeko?



  • Saaya freaks out

    Saaya's Tsundere mode. Watch out, Hime!

    Interestingly, Shinzo and Reiko figure out Himeko and Bossun's little secret while Otakura and Reiko think Switch and Saaya are a pair. Speaking of Switch, Himeko suspects Switch likes Momoka. We got tons of shipping moments.
  • Saaya has an incredible character evolution, and her scene reveals how much she loves Sket Dan and Bossun for helping her.
  • Quest Dance is a funny short. When I saw slime Bossun, I immediately thought Dragon Monster Warrior or Dragon Quest video game.


  • Over Dramatization: I find the Niigata dropping scene a bit too much.
  • Hit or Miss with Manga fans: Fans of the manga might like the scenes in the manga better because it gets to the point without the extended scenes and Saaya's added flashback. I don't mind Saaya's flashback.

Overall, this episode is great, and everyone would love most of it. Though, I find Biscuit Dance, the best of all the shorts. Quest Dance is good, but the Super Mariko Broken did a better job in parodying video games.

Quest Dance Gallery

Here's a gallery of the characters. Please enjoy.


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