Hello everyone and welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! Now, we're in an arc called School Trip Rhapsody where Bossun and Himeko have switched bodies during a school field trip to Niigata. Who knows what embarrassing things await Bossun and Himeko.


With Himeko and Bossun's body switched, things get tense when their female classmates asks Himeko (Bossun) to change or to take a bath, and Bossun (Himeko)'s help is making things worse. Meanwhile, Switch is keeping an eye out for Saaya, Sasuke is acting like a cat, and Chuma is making a cure for Bossun and Himeko. Can the two bear each other's burden despite sheer embarrassment?

Himeko and Bossun are confused by Roman



  • Himeko tells Bossun to touch them

    Himeko: I know you'll touch them, right?

    There are tons of hilarious moments in this episode. Tsubaki is now acting like a cat because he took the hypno drug while the cat meowed at him. It explains why Bossun is cat boy in the opening.
  • In Bossun's body, Himeko's answers has make Bossun's reputation go down when she blurts that she wants to see Himeko's body naked in the bath. Saaya gets upset. Plus, I find Bossun's reaction to Himeko's request hilarious when she wants Bossun to touch them.
  • Roman and Reiko are nice surprises with their scenes. Reiko thinks Switch is stalking Saaya while Roman finds out that Bossun and Himeko switched bodies.


  • Roman's Scene where she explains what has happened Part 3

    Airing the toilet scene might be a bit too naughty for kids

    Hit or Miss: I watched the episode twice and read some comments from fans on Crunchyroll. After Roman breaks the 4th wall, the creator tells the audiences that he cannot air the changing and bathroom scenes because we have a young audience. For me, the changing scene does not seem too bad, but the bathroom scene is hard. Once you read the chapter, you learn that Himeko and Bossun help each use the toilet. If that scene is in the anime, you would hear urinating sounds.
  • Pointless Fan Service: Mimori's bouncing breasts and the Kuramoto's bath scenes seems out of place. Those bath scenes did not fit the flow of the story. I enjoyed Daisy's scene where she rips Tsubaki's cat ears off. Sket Dance is an anime that doesn't need fan service to boost ratings. Fan Service should be for more adult shows.

Overall, the episode is great for everyone, but the missing manga scenes can be a nuisance to those who wished to see it animated. The preview sounds exciting when Himeko asks Bossun what he would say to Saaya's question. I hope Saaya's heart won't break in the next episode.


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