Welcome to the Sket Dance Weekly report. This week, Lynxian has come back home. Whoo! For the Sket Dance anime, we're on number 60. Before you know it, the anime could hit triple digits.


Hime gets a chance to star in Pelocan's latest TV commercial as the proud Pelocan girl. Despite being a devout fan who knows every Pelocan candy flavor by heart, she has stage fright. Later, Hime has her Sket Dan crew have a study session at her house because they have the dreaded practice exams tomorrow. However, Hime and her friends are easily distracted.

Hime as the Pelocan Girl

Can Hime overcome her stage fright and will the gang pass their practice exams?!



  • Hime's mother

    Hime's mother is the Oniyome!

    This is another great episode for Himeko whose bashfulness is quite cute with having stage fright and being embarrassed by dear old mom.
  • Interestingly, we know who Himeko got her Onihime side and mad hockey skills from, her mom who is known as Oniyome.
  • Bossun is such an insensitive man whose teasing gets him beaten by Himeko. I still don't get tired of Himeko hurting Bossun.


  • Not much bad. Though, I think Ayumi is the fan service girl since this is the second time they put her in the hot springs.

Overall, this episode is amazing, and I'm sure you'll laugh a lot for these two stories. We got to see Himeko's mother and learn a few things about our main cast such as Bossun being bad at math.


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