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Plot Summary

After 2 Tachikawa punks bully Daisy, Daisy confronts the boss, Yabuta, who forces Daisy to be his woman in exchange to not let his crew harass Kamei high school students. When Sasuke finds out, Daisy rejects his offer to help because she wants to solve these things peacefully and by herself.

Sasuke and Daisy Understand Each Other

Will Sasuke avenge Daisy's honor without violence or not?


Beware of spoilers!


  • Side View of Daisy's Face

    A special Daisy episode

    The beginning scene is a nice surprise and a great way to begin this episode. I didn't expect Daisy to poke out Bossun's eyes for shooting MunMun. She does it to Bossun again.
  • This episode shows more of Daisy's personality and her relationship with Sasuke. Fans would ship that, too. They're just friends.
  • The Sket Dan crew posing as Sentai is a great scene especially when Bossun and Switch just fall, it breaks the tension a bit.


  • I don't have much bad things to report. Plus, I haven't read the manga version of this episode to see which version is better.


  • Sket3

    Bossun deserves his eyes poke out for ruining the moment

    Both Sasuke and Bossun are called insects. Chuma calls Bossun a bug while Daisy calls both brothers, sewer insects.
  • Daisy could have a sweet tooth when you see her with a candy jar and a jar of chocolates.
  • Also, the stray dog excuse is pretty common in this episode.

Overall, this episode is interesting and awesome because this is the first time we get to see Daisy up close and personal and her relationship between Sasuke. Bossun ends up being the victim of Daisy for comic relief. That's okay because Bossun has slammed by Koma and slapped by Himeko.


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Wiki Progress

  • Hime Fujisaki: She uploaded images for episode 59 and did one point for anime/manga differences.
  • Takashichea: I finished episode 59's page with its summary and anime/manga differences. For manga chapters, I finished chapter 115 and the Tsubaki and Daisy arc, 116, 117, 118, and 119.
    • Fair Use Rationale Project: I'm still not finished fixing the header typos. I'm up to episode 56 and working my way down.
  • Utipintar: She finished chapter 195 and added Suzu Chuma's actress.
  • Kit-chano: This wiki editor added manga images, but some of them were really small. I helped fix his/or her images and add them to the character page.
  • Anonymous: This person created the Pocket Dan page and added a blurb about what it stands for and its members.

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