Gintama x Sket Dance crossover Anime

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Sket Dance and Gintama


  • Both Sket Dan and Gintama have a trio that helps people which are usually odd jobs.
  • Both franchises rely on parodies of other franchises such as Shounen series for their humor.
  • Both franchises break the 4th wall.


  • Gintama is more violent, and its humor is more crude.
  • Sket Dance's fan service includes the Gainax Bounce (breast bounce) which Gintama does not use in its fan service.
  • Gintama is set in a futuristic, feudal Japan with aliens congregating with humans. Whereas in Sket Dance, it's set in a normal, high school life.

Bossun and Gintoki

Gintoki mug
  • Both are the leader.
  • Both use references to Bleach such as Bankai.
  • Both lost their parents.
  • Both tell people how to live life.


  • Bossun is younger than Gintoki.
  • Bossun relies on his slingshot whereas Gintoki relies on his bokuto (similar to a bokken).
  • Bossun has a concentration, artistic, and memorization abilities while Gintoki has excellent swordsmanship.
  • Gintoki is more laidback than Bossun.

Himeko and Kagura

  • Both of them are strong, beautiful women physically as well.
  • Both girls won't hesitate beat their teammates.
  • Both are the only female member on the team.


  • Hime's weapon of choice is her field hockey stick while Kagura's weapon of choice is her parasol.
  • Relationships with the leader: Hime's relationship with Bossun is more of a close friends, and Hime tends to blush sometimes when Bossun compliments her cooking or other things. There is some chemistry between the two. Compared to Kagura, her relationship with Gintoki is said to be a father to daughter relationship.
  • Kagura is more vulgar than Hime because Kagura just picks her nose without any sense of shame.

Switch and Shinpachi

  • Both of the guys have similar hair color and wear glasses.
  • Both of them have one sibling.
  • Both of the guys are a bit of an Otaku themselves.


  • Switch's glasses are fake, and he doesn't have bad vision.
  • Switch's only sibling is dead while Shinpachi's older sister is still alive.
  • Switch is smarter than Shinpachi.
  • Shinpachi is the straight man.
  • Switch communicates by a laptop and speech synthesis software while Shinpachi speaks normally.

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