Hello everyone! You may have noticed a staff named Wagnike2 sweeping through our wiki pages and correcting typos on September 11th. The majority of his edits focused on deleting Template and capitalizing File from the code on various wiki pages.

Now then, I recently change my wiki habits because Cococrash11 mentioned I was nitpicky with his/ or spacing and British spellings. I tried to improve my habits from that point since it's not harming anyone or violating the rules. Personally, these edits don't have any significant changes. The edits that are significant are the ones that fix grammar/spelling, fix mistakes in story and details, adds new information, and streamline dense details in story arcs and such.

I'm not saying we should abandon these code changes. I say we just adapt as we go along to contribute to the site. If you guys and gals want to do spacing or delete template, do it at the same time when you add something new or fix details.

You guys and gals have the right to do what you want as long as it doesn't violate Lynxian's policies.

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