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After Sket Dance has reached past its 2nd year on March 2, 2012, it seems like the anime can keep going up to 100 episodes. However, last week's episode stated that the anime is going to end.

Here's the dialogue of the Sket Dan's conversations.

  • Bossun: Let's go! The last...
  • All: Sket Dance!
  • Switch: Spring is the season of meetings and fall is the season of farewells.
  • Bossun: Our job is helping people lead smooth lives here at the academy.
  • Himeko: We help other clubs as well as individual problems.
  • Switch: From searching for lost items to cleaning the yard, we guarantee satisfaction.
  • Himeko: Whenever you're in trouble, you can talk to us about anything.
  • Switch: We'll be waiting for you here at the clubroom.
  • Bossun: From here on out and forever! Next: The Academy's Helpers (After That)! We're the academy's support group...
  • All: Sket Dance!

As for official sources about the reason or when will Sket Dan resumed airing, there is none.


  • The creator, Kenta Shinohara, or the director need the manga go farther than the anime's current story.
  • Ratings: I'm not sure if Sket Dance is popular in Japan compared to current anime shows. For audiences outside of Japan, it's still unknown how Sket Dance fare with them as well.

Even without a current anime show, Sket Dance Wikia and Anime Vice will continue to provide wiki info on the franchise.

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