Since the anime has ended, I have no wiki progress to add to the weekly reports. I came up with this idea to document significant wiki contributions and news. I had this odd obsession with documenting things since I was a historian at my club in college.

  • Date: Ryoga started adding references which motiviated me to add references to the character articles. I have done Himeko, Switch, and Ryōsuke Kirishima.
  • Date: AdventureWriter28 added a new header for all those episode gallery links on the episode wiki pages.
  • October 8, 2012: Following AdventureWriter28's suggestion to open the chat system, the community voted on the issue. See chat system poll.
  • With the anime done, I started creating episode galleries for all episodes and collecting eyecatches.
  • Date: Zunyosage added volume 27 with its contents plus some manga title images for the Switch On arc.
  • Date: Balthierfan help fought vandalism on The Sketchbook (real) page.
  • Date: Both Utipintar, RocketWobbuffet, and Balthierfan updated the manga section.
  • Date: Takashichea added character sections for some the chapters in the first 10 chapters.
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