• Mr. Spark is a new wiki editor who has did some spectacular work on Shinzo, Daisy, Chiaki, and Akitoshi Daimon's story arcs. He has also added some quotes, and tidy up the grammar.
  • Wonderwoman456 created chapters 158 and 139 with summaries. Though, the wiki editor needs help in manga template code and image policy with fair use rationale.
  • An anonymous finished the Gintama crossover episode. I'm guessing it's Mr.Spark or AdventureWriter08 since those two (besides me) do detailed plot summaries. I will take a look at the writing style.
  • Utipintar and Baltheirfan updated the Pocket Dan page.
  • Utipintar updated the Switch On arc chapters with its volume link.
    • She updated the DVD table with a new table: Select Dance Series.
    • Nov. 25, 2012:: She created the Sket Dance The Best Dance page.
  • Cococrash11 created the Kihara, Switch's Father, Takashi, and Hidamari Garden Children's Nursing Home pages.
  • Takashichea updated a few of the outdated manga infoboxes. He finished chapters 50 and 51's summary.
    • Created the Ep. 44 Screenshots page and added more snapshots to the Ogress and Summer Breeze galleries.
    • After Bereisgreat of Btooom! Wikia pointed out to the overlap in the episode galleries, I started to fix some of them.
  • New Wiki Editor, Ddustz, updated the controls for the Special Mariko Broken.
  • JudeGeronanana added full summaries to the Ogress and Summer Breeze episodes.
  • An anonymous editor added several summaries to the chapters. I wish the person makes an account, so I can put down a name.
  • Wilmmi created flash music pages for D.O.S., I Love You, Figurehead Rhapsody, and Utopia. She/ or he struggles to make the pages consistent with the other music pages.

Wiki Editors who need help

  • Tiffany Raganas added trivia to a few pages but needs help.
  • Adbert Rii Lijanto added trivia regarding relationships between Bossun & Yagi and Ayano. It's bit subjective, and he needs to differentiate between facts and opinions.
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