• AdventureWriter28 updated Switch's father's page.
  • Mr.Spark fought vandalism on chapter 223.
    • Wrote major story arcs for Akitoshi Daimon.
  • Takashichea wrote a detailed summary for episode 24.
    • Created Sket Dance OVA.
    • Fix several overlaps in episode galleries, 56-59.
  • Yuko Hanashima updated the infobox on Chuma's page.
  • Kirishima Yusuke added some snapshots in the Sket Dance OVA.
    • Updated uncollected chapters.
  • Kappaels updated the character list.
  • RocketWobbuffet updated manga with volume 29.
  • Utipintar updated manga's uncollected chapters.
    • Updated music.


  • Utipintar created Split Milk/ REFLECT page.
  • Kappaels added lyrics: Kanji and Romaji.
    • Added Kanji and English lyrics to HERO.
    • Added Kanji, English, and Romaji lyrics to CLEAR.
    • Added Kanji lyrics to Reboot.
    • Added English lyrics to Colors.
  • Takashichea added English lyrics to Reboot.
    • Created volume 29.
    • Corrected appearance and personality sections for Inui and Jin.
    • Updated Sket Dance OVA.
    • Fix summary for chapter 158.
  • Hasck0128 updated Sket Dance OVA.
  • Balthierfan categorized Kendo Club.


  • Takashichea added Cast & Credits to Sket Dance OVA.
    • Created volume 26 page.
    • Changed the Cast & Credits sections to a simple bullet list (that Utipintar used for the majority of the episode pages) for episodes: 7-11.
    • Finished altering cast for episodes below 7.
  • Utipintar updated manga's uncollected chapters.
    • Updated Second Dance on the list of DVDs.
    • Added volume 30's entry to the manga's list of chapters.
  • Mikumik12 added Kanji and Romaji for Sket Dance OVA.
  • Cococrash11 separate personality details into a separate sections for characters: Onoda, Kuroda, Misato, Takao Shimasaki, Uehara, Quecchon, Otakura.
    • Fix Mr. Spark's work that had British spelling such as "rumoured" to "rumored."

Conflicts: There was debate between Cococrash11 and Takashichea on spacing in the articles and whether Cococrash11 should keep his/her adminship.

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