Note: "I" is referring to Takashichea.


Episode Work

  • An anonymous editor added plot summary to following manga chapters: 93, 96, 97, 99, 103, 104,
  • Both JudeGeronanana and I worked on improving the Ogress and Summer Breeze episodes' full summaries. Also, I provided snapshots since I realized I didn't have much of a variety of screen caps for my teammate to choose.
    • Later on Mr.Spark proofread the Ogress episode for grammar.
  • Kazuyoshi Usui's young default image was changed my me when I found a better shot from the Ogress episode.
  • I finished episode 24's full summary.

Manga Work

  • Mr. Spark proofread the following manga chapters' summaries: 103, 104, and 130.
  • LazyHorse moved chapter 243 into volume 27's table of content while adding chapter 252 to volume 28.
    • Utipintar updated the uncollected chapters.

Character Work

  • Mr.Spark added the VS the Sket Dan and Love Trouble story arc sections to Akitoshi Daimon's page.
    • She/ or he did some minor revisions to his appearances and relationships with Bossun.
  • I finished Akane Fujisaki's backstory section.
  • For some odd reason, I added episode references for Mimori Unyu's Gainax Bounce scenes to account how many times she did it. Then, I did the same for Saaya Agata's page.
  • AdventureWriter28 updated Switch's Father page.


  • Regarding Wilmmi's recent edits to the flash msuci pages, I fix them for format consistency.
  • I fix the overlap code for episode screenshots: 56-73.
    • At the same time, I added any eyecatches I found when skimming through the episodes.
  • 12-1-12: Arisa Kano's image gallery was created.
  • Utipintar updated the List of Sket Dance DVDs.
  • I edited Utipintar's weekly manga blogs and added this phrase: Please support the Sket Dance series by buying the manga when it comes out in your country.

Any Issues

  • An anonymous editor put down that Ayumi Kuramoto has a crush on Kiyoshi Date without any substantial evidence. It's a common mistake that our new editors do.
  • Sket Dance Main Theme Song Collection: The Best Dance - Upon reviewing RocketWobbuffet's request, I decided to delete the duplicate page and transfers its contents to the wiki page that was made earlier.
  • Vandalism: An anonymous created chapter 223 while typing gibberish. Both Mr.Spark and I fix it.
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