Hello everyone, welcome to the wiki report for Sket Dance Wikia. I do this because I used to a weekly progress report with the episode reviews during the times that the anime was still active. Plus, the wiki report reveals the style and the types of contributions of these wiki editors.


  • Utipintar updated the list of manga chapters and group several chapters under volume 30.
    • Created Chapter 236 with summary and everything else.
    • Added summary to chapter 252
    • Expanded chapter 256's summary
  • Cococrash11 does minor formatting with character pages by taking some sentences and placing them under appropriate sections: Nozomu Saikawa, Teruaki Morino, Minoru Sakura, Michinori Magata, Midori Hagihara, Taiki Saratani, Sakiko Takashima, Remi Misora, Genzaburo Karamatsu, Kanegi, Junichi Son, Daijiro Kutsuwa, Master Wong, Kobayashi, Kyoko Nanba, Sumire Koike, Tadokoro, Yeti, Ichiro, Yamanaka, Mimori Konno, Namiko Watanabe, Hidenori Shiga
    • Does spell checking. Though, there are some problems. (see conflicts below)
  • Takashichea created new volumes pages: #23-25
    • Added Summary to #12, 27,
    • Created Chapters without summaries: 277, 252-253, 257-258
    • Created chapters with summaries: 254, 256, 267, 273
    • Added Cast & Credit to # 13-16, 27,
    • Fix episode screenshots 1-18
    • Created new episode screenshots for 19
    • Created the List of Minor Concepts and Objects to create a shortcut for misc concepts and objects.
    • Added plot summary from Anime Vice to episode 25 but it needs to be rewritten.
    • Expanded Akane Fujisaki's relationships to cover Ryosuke, Haru, and Rumi.
    • Added appearances to Kyoko Nanba and Master Wong
  • Tenri corrected voice actress Kana Hanazawa's name in the OVA while Taka made sure to fix this error in episode 75 and the Saaya Agata character song.
  • Lightofway expanded Sasuke Tsubaki's relationship with Bossun
  • Kappaels created pages: Figurine Club, Manga Club
    • Added characters to Agata Saaya Fanclub and added Figurine Club link to chapter 192.
    • Expanded summary for chapter 239
  • Mr.Spark expanded Sasuke Tsubaki's Principal Bust story arc.
    • Did grammar check on Agata Saaya Fanclub.
    • Added three quotes to Sasuke Tsubaki's page
  • LazyHorse did minor work at the list of chapters with spacing and rearrangement.
  • Baltheirfan did grammar check on chapter 256 and 239
    • Spruced up Student Council page
    • Created Ugajin Gaou with appearance, personality, and trivia sections.
    • Created chapters with summaries: 219, 166
    • Added images to chapters 54-56, 63, 66-67
    • Added images and more summary to Ch. 64 and 65
  • Alfannazala update student council page with image of past student council.


  • Adbert Rii Lijanto needs to read the wiki manual after adding an unnecessary image gallery. Also, he/or she needs to check episode image galleries due to adding dupe images.
  • Cococrash11 has trouble with hyphens and compound words. I don't have an answer but referred her/or him to a guide online.
    • Words that Cococrash11 added: cream-puff, robe-like, neck-crest, hand-cream
  • Zunyosage's manga covers are not complete.
  • Alfannazala needs to read fair use rationale policy.


  • Taka has issues with Cococrash11's edits concerning spacing and pronouns. Editor's Note: Conflict has been resolved between the two admins. Taka admits being nitpicky.


  • Kappaels created the Newspaper Club.
    • Added a quote to Sasuke Tsubaki.
    • Added Katakana for Hollywood Movie Stardust
  • Balthierfan proofread the following pages: Newspaper Club.
    • Added chapter covers for chapters: 198-200, 206
    • Created Teruko with her personality and appearance
    • He updated Rumi's Tour of Club of Activities page.
  • Takashichea created the following chapters: 259, 260, 264-265, 269-272, 274, 214, 212
    • Rewrote Ep. 43
    • Created the following pages: Tachikawa High School, Megumi Ogura, Andre MacDonald, Captain Biney, Ep. 31 screenshots
    • Added manga covers to Ch. 266 and 268
    • Finished doing plot summaries for the following chapters: 214-215, 222, 281-283
    • Finished doing plot summaries for the following episodes: 25, 46-48 (Happy Birthday Arc)
  • Cococrash11 created the following chapters: 199-200, 206, 209, 222, 228, 240, 266, 268, 261-263, 275-6, 278-280
    • Created the following pages: Tsune Nishiyama, Volume 30, Kenichi Katagiri
    • Created the Sket Dance Extras: Biscuit Dance and Part 2, Melancholic Rendezvous, Puppet Dance, Resort Dance, SILENT DANCE
  • ScottKazama updated anime/manga differences for Ep. 26-b
    • Had trouble with Masafumi's name. Taka corrected the issue


  • The minor edits in American and British spelling dispute between Takashichea and Cococrash11 still persisted.
  • Hyphen issues persisted for Cococrash11
  • Takashichea was doing a social experiment on Shinba's page.
    • Had conflicts with anonymous editor on episode 43.
  • Due to chapters not having a proper English translation, poor communication between Taka and Cococrash11 led to disputes. Taka set up a blog to seek help on finding the proper English names.


Chapter Work

  • Takashichea and Cococrash11 work together to create the new chapters for the Last Dance arc.
  • Balthierfan added new chapter covers.

Episode Work

  • Takashichea updated a few manga/anime differences and created new episode screenshots.

Character Work

  • Takashichea created Ryusei Ichimaru and Yuuki's pages. Though, he mixes up the name until Cococrash11 helped him.
  • Taka updated Ryusei and Yuuki's page while Coco updated Bossun's Last Dance story arc. Content will change once translation of the chapters comes true.
  • Taka updated Daijirō and Kiri's SOLITUDE arcs while Cococrash11 added the last piece of info to Taka's work on Kiri's page.
  • Kenndo added the Japanese names (Kanji and Romaji) for Yuusaku, Ritsuko, and Masamune.


  • Takashichea has abused admin powers over Shinba's page due to the insecurity and to get anonymous editors to register.
  • Iddin dragneel has insert spam from his Youtube channel on one of the videos. He has been given one warning.


  • 2 spam accounts were deleted by Taka: one was getting traffic to a Facebook account while the other harassed Lynxian for questionable content.
  • Mimori's page had sexually indecent edits.
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