This is a list of glitches that the editors find in the community.

  • Spacing in Visual Mode - For some odd reason, the visual mode adds extra spaces. To fix this glitch, one must work in source mode and use preview mode to double check work.
  • Categories Disappearing in the Chapter wiki pages - Sometimes, you don't see the chapter category when working on the chapter wiki pages. Sometimes, when you submit, the wiki thinks you're adding the category.
  • Manga Table Layout in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox - RocketWobuffet showed pictures of the tables in both browsers. In Google Chrome, the tables are distorted. It looks like a warped pyramid. In Firefox, it looks normal. I'm not sure how the new Darwin layout fixed this error.
  • Image Replacement Delays - Kappaels replace some images. Sometimes, it's delayed. The new image doesen't appear immediately.
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