• Takashichea

    I did leave it open to people who knew more coding than I do. However, I do express to new wiki editors to ask first before you edit. I have been more active on Anime Vice and Magi Wikia but my most of my internet activity is in I don't have time to edit like I used to be.

    However, I can still check by because this is the first Wikia I came to and the place where I stored my work. (I should have been done it at Anime Vice Wikia). It's too late now.

    Please let me know if you edit any templates. I just fixed a mistake that distorted the infobox. I can only undo but I can't fix coding issues.

    Thank you.

    Takashichea (talk) 00:00, June 8, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Takashichea

    Below is a copy of of the many archived wiki project blogs from Anime Vice. Anime Vice shut down on April 9, 2015. All wiki editors had the option of migrating to our new Wikia, Anime Vice, a pre-existing Wikia, or Comic Vine. For me, since I done a majority of the episode summaries, I decided to only transfer my work to this Wikia along with work of my old teammates. My old teammates still have the right to their own work. If they come back, the work might be moved to AV Wikia at any time.

    Thank you. I do love both Sket Dance and Anime Vice. It was hard to choose one place to preserve my Anime Vice teammates work and balance my Sket Dance Wikia teammates, too.

    Over the past weeks of September, we got three new members: Hibaru, Halberdierv2,…

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  • Takashichea

    I have to leave the Wikia for the month of March since my role in Anime Vice has been over demanding. I have to work on Toriko wiki project and To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia, just to work on adding infoboxes to the Screened wiki I had to save during the week of March 14.

    Sorry about that. I try to edit once a week, but I don't think I can for this month.

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  • Takashichea

    Sket Dance Pocky Day

    November 12, 2013 by Takashichea

    Hello guys and gals! I know by UTC time zone, it's past November 11th. Though in the Pacific region, it's still Pocky Day as well as Veteran's Day in the States.

    Whenever you have Pocky, remember Sket Dance! Share your pocky with your friends and family. On behalf of Sket Dance Wikia, we wish a happy Pocky Day.

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  • Takashichea

    • Rumina did plot summaries for Turned the Crank-nyora☆, Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist, and The Little Princess in High Spirits (episode).
    • Takashichea did Tsubaki and Daisy (episode) and May I Come Backstage? (episode).

    • Takashichea uploaded chapter covers for Ch. 117-118 and 120-126.

    • Takashichea added Graduation and the last day of president story arcs to Daisy's page.

    • ScottKazama added the full names for Date's band mates.

    • Takashichea uploaded chapter covers for Chapters __.
      • He added summary to chapter 257.

    • Cococrash11 created Hidaka Asuka's page.
    • Takashichea added Takeuchi's page.
      • He added Hidaka's backstory, Birdman arc, quote, appearance, personality, and reference section.
    • Misaawesome19 confirmed Rumi's birthday.

    • Takashichea added Avia…

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