Turned the Crank-nyora☆

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Kanji ガチャガチャしたにょら☆
Romaji Gachagachashita nyora☆
Air Date October 27, 2011
Manga Chapters 52 & 67
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

Turned the Crank-nyora☆ (ガチャガチャしたにょら☆, Gachagachashita nyora☆) is the 30th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The Sket Dan are visited by their friend Momoka and find that she has changed in a terrible way - her producer's have made her into a 'Moe' idol...

Later, the Boys try to give Himeko a lesson in Gatcha Figure collecting and get a little carried away...


Bossun and Switch are arguing in the Sket Dan club room because Switch doesn't want to give one of his action figures even though he has two. Himeko yells at them to stop acting like children. Along the way home, Himeko keeps reminding them that they should act their age. She then notices that the two are buying Gachapon at a shop nearby.

Bossun inserts a coin and gets excited when he got "Sidewinder" from the Gachapon machine. Even though Himeko says she would go home without them, she gets curious about what they are doing exactly. Bossun then shows some of action figures he got to Himeko. Himeko keeps commenting about their names that always end with "-der" and their body shapes and finally she gets bored and says that she is really going home, but when she sees the two just keeps ignoring her, she goes back to the shop and ended up buying a gachapon.

It turns out that instead of getting an action figure that using "-der" at the end of its name, she gets an common action figure: Anthony. When Himeko yells that she wants a cool one, Bossun explain about Anthony's role to Himeko. Then, he takes a turn and turn around the crank, and he gets "Bartender", a non-hero character which makes Himeko laughs at him. Switch then takes a turn and he gets a cool action figure, "Slim Crusader".

Himeko comments that she isn't interested but claims that she won't get satisfied until she gets the one she wants and turns the crank once more, but she keeps getting Anthony again which annoys her. Bossun takes a turn and he gets "Merrymader", but he doesn't know about it. Switch explains about his role, and after hearing Switch's explanation Himeko gets fired up, and she again turns the crank just to get another Anthony. Bossun turns the crank and he got a cute action figure, "Clam Chowder". Himeko likes it and wants to trade with Bossun, but Bossun said that if she wants to trade, she must trade it with something in the same class or with three action figures. When Himeko offers him the Anthony figurines she got, the two starts arguing.

After some time, the trio spends their time and money to buy more gachapon, and soon they realize that they have collected all except "Spy Spider". When they want to buy another gachapon, they realize that they had bought all. However, it turns out that there's still one gachapon left inside the machine, so Bossun picks up his wallet to pick a coin, but there's nothing left inside his wallet, and so do Himeko and Switch. Switch goes to take some money, but a boy had bought the gachapon they desired.

Bossun and Himeko beg the boy to trade the gachapon he just bought with three of their collection. The boy agrees to trade, and the trio gets excited because they think they have finally completed their collection. When Bossun opens the gachapon, it turns out to be a "Breeder" instead of Spy Spider. When the three loses their hope, the boy offers them to trade his Spy Spider for six action figures. They agree and dance with joy since they've finally completed the Slender collection. After all their efforts, they realize that they wasted their money on junk.

Later, back at their club room, Inui, Kijima, and Sarukawa are visiting them and consult about Momoka's change. When they say they want the old Momoka to return, Himeko yells to them that Momoka has found her own world, and she is no longer the old Momoka. After hearing Himeko and Bossun's advice, they go outside.

Back in the club room, Himeko wonders about Momoka's change, and Switch guesses that Momoka becomes more mature. Bossun gets depressed because no one is hearing him, and when Himeko tries to cheer him up, the door get knocked by someone. When the door opens, Momoka shows up while talking using weird dialect that makes Bossun and Himeko confused as they never thought that Momoka would changes dramatically.

Momoka gives a limited edition Liberty Magi DVD to Switch, and Himeko asks about Momoka's weird dialect. Momoka explains that it's Momoka Language, which makes Himeko gets more confused. Switch then explains that Momoka Language is a style that Momoka uses in her personal blog.

Himeko tries to make Momoka remembers about her old style, and Momoka keeps refusing the fact that she was once a delinquent. Switch says it can't be helped since most people think that Momoka is an idol, and her past is better to be buried than to be issued. Himeko and Bossun asks if it is her agency policy. Momoka then tells them the truth. After hearing Momoka's word, Bossun gives her an advice, and suddenly they heard a scream from outside and they found Inui, Kijima and Sarukawa are grabbing a photographer. Himeko storms outside and breaks his camera while Switch breaks the memory card. After all the ruckus, Inui, Kijima, and Sarukawa apologize to Momoka. Momoka says that it is her fault, and she says that she will appear on TV tomorrow, and makes everyone promise that they will watch it.

The day after that, on a TV talk show, Momoka reveals about her past and decides that she will quit being a voice actress and will live together with her underlings. After the show, her underlings have waited for her outside the TV studio, and they leave happily together.

At the end, Momoka ends up being an actress, and starts her first debut in a TV drama, "Yankee Detective".


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Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Sket Dan holds up the boy when they got happy. For the manga, the boy got a pat on the head from Hime.
  • In the manga, Switch did not break the photographer's memory card.
  • In the manga, Chuuma does not confiscate the cellphone.
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