Tsutomu Tomori
友利 努
Tomori Tsutomu
Birthday April 4
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Height 170 cm.
Weight 68 kg.
Occupation Shōnen Jump Editor
Manga Debut Chapter 26
The War Begins!!

Tsutomu Tomori (友利 努, Tomori Tsutomu) is a Shōnen Jump editor who oversees the manga We're the Student Council!. He attends the Gachinko Vivage Battle and tries to talk the Sket Dan team into losing on purpose against the Student Council. Later, he bribes a judge to enable the student council to win the fourth round. Before the final round, Agata tells him not to pull any more tricks.

Naming Sense

His name is derived from the three "keywords" associated with Shōnen Jump: friendship (友情), victory (勝利) and effort (努力). Those used for his name are 友 (the first character in "friendship", read as "tomo"), 利 (the second character in "victory", read as "ri") and 努 (the first character in "effort", read as "tsutomu").