Tsukkomi Prohibition Battle

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Kanji ツッコミ禁止バトル
Romaji Tsukkomi kinshi batoru
Volume 23
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Shinzou Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Cherry


Bossun gets tired of Himeko's tsukkomi (sarcastic criticism) so he prohibits any tsukkomi in the room for the rest of the day. Himeko can't accept it as she feels that she has control over that purpose of Bossun life. Bossun uses tsukkomi her and it is counted against him. As the result, a battle of not tsukkomi-ing between Bossun and Himeko starts with Switch as the judge (he seems to enjoy this). Switch issues a strike system allowing three chances with the 'loser' having to wear a muting mask for the rest of the day.

The first to fail is Himeko (0-1), who can't cope with the pressure of saying nothing, but Bossun also loses a chance after mocking her for being first (1-1). They both manage to keep from tsukkomi until Shinzo comes in for consultation on why he isn't popular with girls. Believing ridiculous idea like it must be his stubbly face and such, in the end Himeko can't stand it and rants at him (1-2), Bossun thinking Himeko's long ranting would count as all her chances interjects with his own comments (2-2).

After a while with no further tsukkomi, Switch gets bored and summons Cherry and Roman(the two most annoying people he could think of) and has them pester Bossun and Himeko. They both manage to resist but once the duo have left they both scream in frustration (3-3), ending in a double knockout. The chapter ends with Switch enjoying the (ironic) ability to be the only one able to 'talk' with the muted Bossun and Himeko fuming.