Tsubaki and Daisy
Sasuke and Daisy Understand Each Other

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Kanji 椿と雛菊
Romaji Tsubaki to Hinagiku
Air Date May 24, 2012
Manga Chapters 116, 117, 118, and 119
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

Tsubaki and Daisy (椿と雛菊, Tsubaki to Hinagiku) is the 59th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When a thug forces Daisy to be his woman in exchange to not hurt Kaimei High School students, Tsubaki finds out and Daisy does not want his help. Then, Tsubaki asks Bossun for advice.

Will Tsubaki avenge Daisy's honor without violence or not?


While Daisy tries to fend off two students, her backpack strap flies off. The bullies run off when Bossun arrives on the scene. As Daisy tries to get her precious Munmun, Bossun fires a pellet at it. Daisy pokes Bossun's eyes for hurting Munmun. Later in the clubroom, Bossun shares what happened with Saaya, Himeko, and Switch. Switch asks Bossun if those two students wore Tachikawa High School uniforms before searching them on the web. Meanwhile in the Student Council room, Sōjiro has Tsubaki open a candy jar for Daisy. Shinba remarks that Daisy does not like to rely on others. Tsubaki asks Daisy what if she gets into serious trouble and tells her that he will help her. Daisy points out that Tsubaki solves everything with brute force. The others agree with Daisy's statement.

Outside, the two thugs from Tachikawa ask Takako to deliver a message to Daisy. Later, Daisy pays a visit to the boss, Yabuta. When Daisy tries to poke Yabuta's eyes out, Yabuta dodges her attack and gives Daisy a peck on the cheek. Back at school, Takako informs Tsubaki about Daisy. Yabuta takes Daisy's cellphone and Munmun away. He threatens Daisy that he will attack Kaimei if Daisy resists. After hearing what Takako had said, Tsubaki tells Daisy that he will beat that thug up. However, Daisy wants to solve this without any violence. Stumped at the situation, Tsubaki seeks advice from Bossun. At the Tachikawa hideout, Tsubaki confronts Yabuta and states that he is doing this for his sake instead for Daisy with only one punch. After Yabuta kisses Daisy's Munmun, Tsubaki tries to attack Yabuta only to be pummeled by Yabuta's thugs. In the Student Council room, Saaya speaks with Daisy. Back at the Tachikawa's hideout, Bossun and his crew arrive, all disquised, to help out Tsubaki. Bossun reminds Tsubaki that his target is Yabuta and tells him that they will clear the way.

Tsubaki asks Yabuta if he cares for his followers. Yabuta says he could care less for a bunch of weaklings and punches Tsubaki. Not breaking a sweat, Tsubaki knocks Yabuta out with a Tsubaki Explosion. Afterwards, Daisy asks Tsubaki why he did this. Tsubaki replies that he doesn't know why, but he will not stand by when his friends are hurt. When Bossun steps in and to give Tsubaki and Daisy a pat, Daisy quickly pokes Bossun's eyes out. While Rumi wonders if Bossun will die from a dog bite, Sōjirō and the others notice that Tsubaki and Daisy are getting along.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Anime Only: Saaya and Hosuke appear in the anime with the Sket Dan, and later, she comes with Daisy after Sasuke and the Sket Dan defeated Yabuta. The manga has Daisy coming by herself with nobody telling her.
    • Rumi and her scene with Bossun bandaging his head is another anime exclusive scene.
  • Continuity Alteration: In the anime, Bossun impersonates Daisy before Daisy gets a letter from the Tachikawa punks. Compared to the manga, it is after Daisy gets the letter.
  • Different Characters: In the manga, it is Saeki who delivers the letter and informs Sasuke about Daisy's situation. Whereas in the anime, it is Shimada, the school's news reporter.
  • Manga Only: Hime compliments Sasuke's killer punch.
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