Tsubaki and Daisy (4)

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Kanji 椿と雛菊④
Romaji Tsubaki to hinagiku 4
Volume Volume 14
Anime 59
Sasuke Tsubaki, Yabuta, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Daisy, Sojiro Agata, Shinba Michiru, Mimori Unyu


Before Sasuke fights Yabuta, he asks Yabuta about how he think of his men. Yabuta replies that they're just shield and that friends are ones he labeled "useful." As Yabuta finishes punching Sasuke, Sasuke remarks that Yabuta is weak and delivers a Tsubaki Explosion that knocks Yabuta out cold.

Later, Daisy runs and bumps into Sasuke and the Sket Dan. She asks Sasuke why he helped her and got injured in the process for her sake. Sasuke states that he does not know if he has done the right thing, but he did to protect his friends. His answer makes Daisy realize something, and Daisy asks if Sasuke's okay. Bossun pats the two for getting along only to get his eyes poke out by Daisy.

Over at the Student Council room, Sasuke tells Sojiro that a stray dog bit him and opens Daisy's jar of chocolates. Daisy gives everyone one, and Sasuke gets two as thanks for helping her.

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