Tsubaki and Daisy (2)

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Kanji 椿と雛菊②
Romaji Tsubaki to hinagiku 2
Volume 13
Anime 59
Saeki, Sasuke Tsubaki, Daisy, Yabuta, Shinba Michiru, Mimori Unyu, Sojiro Agata, Bossun, Hime Onizuka, Switch


Saeki explains to Sasuke what has happened to Daisy. Daisy is forced to become Yabuta's woman in exchange the boss will not harass any Kaimei High school students. Sasuke asks Daisy to come with for a talk. He asks her why, and Daisy insists that she solves these things peacefully. He asks Daisy what if she do if Mimori is attacked. Daisy replies she will beat them up, and Sasuke states he will do the same to Yabuta. Before Daisy leaves, she says she is glad to have joined the Student Council.

Later, Sasuke pays a visit to Bossun and asks him for advice using Daisy's situation as a hypotetical question. When Bossun tells him that he will use the barest minimum force necessary. At the Tachikawa's hideout, Sasuke tells the boss that he will use one fist against him and only him.

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