Tsubaki and Daisy (1)

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Kanji 椿と雛菊①
Romaji Tsubaki to hinagiku 1
Volume 13
Anime 59
Daisy, Bossun, Sojiro Agata, Sasuke Tsubaki, Shinba Michiru, Mimori Unyu, Saeki, Hime Onizuka, Switch, Yabuta


Bossun helps Daisy by scaring off two Tachikawa punks who were harassing Daisy. Later, Daisy struggles to open a candy jar, and Sojiro asks Sasuke to help her out. While Sasuke brags a bit about his arm strength, the others note that Daisy does not like to rely on others for help; Daisy says that Sasuke would solve his problems with violence. After that, Saeki gives a letter from the Tachikawa delinquents to Daisy. Over at the Tachikawa hideout, Daisy confronts Yabuta, the boss, who kisses Daisy's cheek by force.

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