Tsubaki's Lame T-Shirt Collection

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Kanji 椿ダサTコレクション,
Romaji Tsubaki dasa T korekushon
Volume 15
Anime Episode 67
Tsubaki, Agata Sojiro, Daisy, Bossun, Himeko


Tsubaki walks into a council meeting complaining about the heat, so he strips off his shirt and blazer revealing a 'new' T-shirt design written with the Kanji for 'Order', which all the Student Council disapproves. However, they do not have the courage to tell Tsubaki. As the meeting draws on, Tsubaki continuously tries to draw attention to his new T-shirt until Agata gets fed up and bluntly tells him how lame it really is, much to Tsubaki's horror. He rebukes Agata by challenging him to wear one of his T-shirts if he can make a decent one.Thus, it is revealed that Tsubaki's secret hobby is making self-made original T-shirts. Due to his lack of creativity, he simply writes the Kanji that he feels are appropriate using printing ink for the designs of his T-shirts.

On Agata's advice, Tsubaki reluctantly asks Bossun where and how he makes his T-shirts as they have such interesting designs. Bossun admits that because his mother is a designer, she will occasionally take Bossun's designs and make him a T-shirt. He offers this service and help by making a design for Tsubaki. Tsubaki's first attempt is his typical kanji shirt, going with the words 'Summer Forever', much to Bossun's amusement. Instead he suggests expanding this idea with a relevant picture. The next design is the Kanji for 'Sea' and some badly drawn waves. Despairing at Tsubaki's terrible drawing skills, Bossun suggests going with English words instead. Again Tsubaki makes a bland shirt where he just replaces the previous design's kanji for the English word. Frustrated with Bossun's criticism, he asks him what he would do - leading to one of Bossun's artistic moments as he draws up several impressive designs. Feeling overshadowed, Tsubaki leaves claiming that he'll do it himself.

The chapter ends with Agata crying while wearing Tsubaki's new T-shirt saying "Stylish!" when it is obviously awful as it is a mess of the various designs that Bossun had suggested earlier on.


The Chapter refers to previous 'Lame' T-Shirts worn by Tsubaki including:

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